Nano YAY!

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again.
This year, I’m doing three projects.  One official, called ‘Into the Still’.
The other two are a super secret writer’s project called ‘The Knack’ – it’s a yearly planner with information, neat stuff, and inspirational notes to get people going with their work.
The third?
Complete surprise, but it’s also Nonfiction.

And before anyone asks why I’m doing less this year, I’m finally happy to announce I work full time, out of the house, for a wonderful company that really keeps me on my toes.  I also run marketing for three wonderful authors, and spend a lot of time chasing my tail – sum total, I’m not going to get as much done on my Nanowrimo, so my goal is 50k this year – if I get more, woot.

And, by the time this post goes live, I should have at least 400 words (my token start after midnight November 1st!)  Also, please note, that image will update as I go, so if you’re reading this later in the month, it’s just because I used the PNG from Nanowrimo.

Never heard of Nanowrimo?  You should go check it out.  It’s brilliant.


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