The ‘Next Big Indie’ Carnival starts here!

Welcome to the ‘Next Big Indie’ Carnival.
We’d love it if you’d join in!  If you’re not sure what a carnival is, you can check out this really quick post on The Indie Author Group, which explains everything that you might want to know about carnivals and why they’re great for authors.

Our guidelines

Submitting is EASY.  You can submit one post per form, and fill in the form multiple times.  As long as the post is relevant to the category and the carnival, it will normally be included.
Carnivals run on a schedule – some are weekly, some are monthly, some are infrequently.  You should always make sure that you’ve checked back once the blog carnival has been posted and share with your followers.
Our categories are as follows:
Pre-release – tell us about your pre-release announcements here.
Cover reveals – Please post your cover reveals here (artists welcome too!)
New releases – share your new releases here
Exceptional reviews – share your five star reviews here (ONE PER AUTHOR per carnival please)
Tours – share one tour stop here (one per submitter/per tour – if two bloggers submit the same content, we reserve the right to choose one of them)
Information and advice – wrote a helpful article for indies?  Submit it here!
Misc – doesn’t fit in any of the above, or fits in more than one of the above, put it here!

Ready to submit?  Go here!
Our first edition will be published in 10 days, on the 27th December.


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