Some pretty metrics and more

As you can probably see, at the top of my blog, I’m keeping track of the wordcounts I’m doing weekly.  So, every week, we’re going to work with my stats and share what writing I’m doing where.  Mostly I’m trying to set up a bit of accountability.
So, weekly from now on, there will be a ‘state of (the) writing’ post, which will appear with stats and images.

1st-6th January

73% (4239) 750 words.com1-6th Jan
26% blogging (1512)
0% Guest blogging (0)
1% writing (novels) – (125 words)
TOTAL: 5801 words

I’d like to see it balance out more towards novels and less towards 750 words, but if I can count it for the novels, it won’t go on 750words column.



750words is much easier to get into right now, and the new laptop is the easiest I’ve written on since moving house.  I’m going to try working up stairs in the guest room from tomorrow morning, but that means fixing the desktop.  Plus side though, there’s a new Raspberry Pi that I can use to connect up to the media server up stairs, to watch stuff that I haven’t watched yet.  That’ll be my treat for finishing two short stories for another project.



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