6th-13th January metrics

So, the cutoff for these counts were 10pm Sunday, when I started to get my kids ready to go back to school this week.

Overview of this week

I started out great guns but am finding it harder and harder even to find something to talk about in my 750words.com, let alone anything else.  I had great plans to get some really serious inroads done on a new project that I’ve set up, but found myself mired in grief instead.  I’d managed the two days after an anniversary of note in my life without too much difficulty, but by Monday, after packing everyone off to school/back to work, I found myself quite depressed.  Which has had a knock on effect for the rest of the week.  I’ve only just really gotten back into dealing with stuff now.

But I wrote every dayu, even when I’d been busy during the actual day and had to do it last thing at night and around all of the other stuff I’ve been dealing with lately.  So that’s a win.



Weekly counts:

Overall word count for the week – 9514
Of which:
750 words.com count – 5438 – 57%
Blogging 3059 – 32%
Guest Blogging – 789 (2 posts) – 8%
Writing – a pitiful 228 words (because I was editing) – 3%

Next week will be interesting…I have a lot on and will need to see where I get to.

In my Goodreads challenge I read one of 102 books that I said I’d read this year.  I’m one behind my weekly goal, but again, there was very little commuting time when I could read and a lot of travelling on foot to places.  I get funny looks when I read my Kindle while walking.



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