20k into the new year and what am I noticing?

Have you ever noticed that writers are obsessed with wordcount (and how many books they’ve sold).  And I know I’m perpetuating that slightly with my ‘state of the writing‘ category, I am noticing something that I haven’t really considered before.

My 750words.com projects don’t count towards my overall writing count so it is a bit skewed, but if I’m honest, I’m only writing one in five posts towards actual fiction.  The rest of it is working through thoughts and sarcasm that obviously can’t go into blog posts.

I’m writing more in blogs than I ever had in the last few months.  I’m slowly rebelling but settling into working on buckling down and getting on, but fiction – writing it – is eluding me.  Lots of ideas, which I’m drafting up so it counts, but it’s not as satisfying as writing.
And I know that’s the case, so 16 days into the New Year, and I’m already making my goals a bit clearer.  I need to write more fiction.

In the process of hiring a new editor

I’m also in the process of hiring a new editor – I really need to get off my soapbox and practice what I preach – I am writing, just not enough.  But it means that my plans are progressing which is always good.  Any referrals, please feel free to contact me, but I’m not interested in an editor that doesn’t have impeccable credentials.  I can’t give any more new editors a chance, I’m sorry.
But, in that process, I thought I’d give you some goodies.

So….the new stories I’ve outlined:
A sci fi tale involving clones, deep space exploration and black holes.
The third book, following on from a two series I thought was done, a bit transgressive, but gonna be a lot of fun.
Some new erotica that’s hot, steamy and involves paranormal creatures
A new draft of Pictures in the Dark, the bipolar book I wrote many years ago.

Looking forward to any of them?  Let me know!


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