I know that last post talks about trying again for a baby. And there’s been a lot of things said – some of which I haven’t approved, but that need addressed.
My partner and I have been together for ten years come the end of this April.  We’ve been through two degrees, two house moves, more things that I’d ever care to think about.

And I’ve had lots of people tell me that it’s ok, I’m only (x) and that it’s not difficult to have children at ‘your age’.  But the reality I know is that it’s the most difficult thing we’ve ever considered.  And I know that the difficulties we have will mean medical intervention. So we “try” in a way that, not to put too fine a point on it, gives us a baseline so the doctors can start testing. In my experience, stuff like this takes a while.
In the interim, I’m job-seeking again.
Life, I guess, goes on.

To answer a few questions about 12×12.
Yes it’s a small workbook. Yes it’s designed for people that have no clue about their brand. Its also designed to shore up blind spots.
Yes there are review copies available.
No, the majority of the content isn’t already available on blogs.
Yes I will always write and help where I can.

12×12 is twelve tutorials and some extra goodies. Pre-orders ship 21st. I may print copies later, though it may be issued as a magazine hybrid.


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