Meet the artist – Renée Barratt (My cover artist!)


I’m delighted today to introduce you to my cover designer.  Ordinarily, I’d be cackling and keeping her to myself, but apparently that’s very cruel, so I thought instead, I’d share a bit about her with you and let you pop on over and check out her pre-mades (feel free to click on the image, it’ll take you to her pre-made store!)

First though….

I met Renée just before I graduated in 2011.  I was looking for someone to do a cover for Glass Block, and had finally decided to take the plunge.  Googling and scouting around on groups got me a grand total of zero – I couldn’t see any artists that appealed to me.  LOTS of great artists, but no one that spoke to me.  And then I saw Renée’s work and I decided to take a shot on working with her, reasoning that the worst that would happen was I’d discover I was crappy at explaining the elements of my story for my cover and I’d have a great cover anyway (and banned from asking her again!).

Glass Block

Renée took a really vague description and the blurb (I think it went something like ‘police badge, gun if you can manage it, and they’re running around a maze made of glass) and made this….

Yes, she did the impossible.  She made a cover that actually sums up the WHOLE book (well, I thought it was impossible – I thought I was going to always want to change something about my covers….)

And she didn’t stop there…

Renée hasn’t done all of my covers, but she’s completed or given me pre-mades that fit all bar four of my books.  Those four I grabbed because the pre-mades were just too good to pass up.
She’s also one of my best friends – it’s really great to meet someone that you really connect with online and I’m blessed that I did when I met Renée.  She’s the core of my little band of important people, on and off Facebook, so I wanted to share her genius with y’all – readers, because I want you to know I’m in good hands with all of her designs, and writers because pre-made or custom designed, The Cover Counts is the best place for you to go.

But, if that wasn’t enough….

Renée also recently founded a project called the Cover Art Collective.  Which is where my little pre-made addiction might have *cough* started.  She’s supportive of writers (whether they’re her clients or not), our collective at the Alexandria Publishing Group (where she designs covers for a lot of us!) and other cover artists.  Instead of seeing them as competition, she’s set up a place where they can interact, learn from one another and take part in little pre-made cover competitions.  It’s absolutely amazing to see how wonderful and nurturing and supportive she is.

Why I’m sharing all of this…

I’ve had a lot of people ask me lately where I get my covers.  And so, instead of keeping Renée’s genius all to myself (and trust me, if I could afford to pay her just to do my stuff, I would!), I thought I’d share far and wide.
So, go check out the links below, and if you’re in the market for cover art of any kind, have a peruse.  Be aware though that some of the pre-mades have the effect, not just on me, to suddenly and spontaneously create stories to go with them in your head, so you may discover a couple of new stories to tell while being inspired by her artwork.

Meet Renée

The Cover Counts on Facebook The Cover Art CollectiveThe Cover Counts premades store – Renée’s Twitter
The Cover Counts website


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