D is for Dorm rooms, aka Cabins #AtoZchallenge #Campnanowrimo

I thought I’d take a second to talk about my #Campnanowrimo challenge, and invite you to my ‘dorm’.
I own a chatroom server, and I share it during Camp/Nanowrimo season (and run other projects on it when people want me to!), so I thought I’d invite you, but before I do, I thought I’d share what I’m writing this Camp 🙂

Camp Nanowrimo April

This April, I’m writing Gallows Deals/Gallows Dirt.  It’s a two part novella set designed around a small town at the end of world.  It’s transgressive fiction, looking at the worst parts of dystopia.  I mean, there’s the horror at the end of the world, and how people pull back together, then there’s Gallows.  Corrupt officials and a dreamer at the end of the world.

I am, sorta, pantsing this one.  I’ve got some very good scenes to tie together, but no idea of the overall story.

Here’s a sample from the prologue

It was cold. The generators had been out for two days, so everyone was trying to huddle in the smallest spaces possible. Closed doors, rooms isolated in the centre of houses. Tent cities in little rooms where breath plumed out from each and every tented area. Small children swaddled like mummies, parents escaping from the small spaces only to light guttering candles just outside of the room. In the morning, though it was frosty, the treasured solar panels sprouted like weeds. Shared between three houses, the meagre light began to charge the most treasured possessions. Lights to stick onto the inside of tents. Things that they’d run off the generator and could run on batteries, kettles boiled and put into insulated containers, so that food could be made later, when it’s cold.

She slipped out of the door, into the second night, into the cold chill. The few street lights, which usually illuminated puddles in front of the clinic, the Town Hall/Police station and the town square guttered briefly as she walked by, then fell flat again.

And the dorms

Wanna hang out and talk?  I’m not always there, but there’s a chatroom. You’re welcome to use them, it runs on normal IRC commands, though if I’m not around, I can’t police it, I’m sorry.

On other blogs today

I thought I’d share some other stuff going on right now on other blogs – either ones I moderate, share, or liked today, from the #AtoZchallenge

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Donna also wrote about one of my favorite subjects, Dice!

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Tomorrow, I’m going to share part 2 of a story that’ll start on Wilderness Apocalypse (so do check there first!) and will be blogging on Enticement on Pen and Kink (NSFW)


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