K is for Kindle – #AtoZchallenge

No way I could have completed a blog challenge and not use K to talk about Kindle and Kindle Direct Publishing.
But I’m not going to talk about it’s merits.  What I’m going to talk about instead are a couple of hacks people seem to be missing when using it.

Subscribing to blogs on the Kindle

Tired of needing to remember to log in?  Get great articles from blogs on the Kindle?  Check and see if they’re available from KDP direct publishing.  Author Interrupted is!

You can find a full listing of blogs that are available on the Kindle here.

Emailing yourself documents

While it’s great that you can buy books with one click and download them to your Kindle, if you’re not buying from Amazon, all is not lost.  As long as you’ve got the right formats, you can email yourself books.  You can even do it when you don’t have a Kindle, just the app.
To do so.  Log into Amazon in the territory you live in.  Go to ‘Manage your Kindle’ (it’s in the ‘Your account menu) , then to personal document settings.  There, you should see a list of places you use your Kindle app/your kindles.  You can set one email address for each place, OR use the first one.
Also, whitelist your emails on this screen, so it doesn’t say you’re not allowed to email to it.  You can also add certain sites to it, such as Netgalley etc.
Once you’ve got it, tuck a free between the @ and Kindle (so it’s @free.kindle.com).  If the document emails no problem, but doesn’t show up, go back into Manage your Kindle, look at ‘all items’ or ‘personal documents’ and tell it to go to the device you want to use.  Or search for it in app.  Either way, it’ll ‘push’ eventually.

Kids and Kindles

Do not underestimate the power of KindleFreetime, but do still watch them.  Even disabled, my teen managed to break out of Kindle Freetime and download Facebook.

And there you have it.  What neat tips do you have for the Kindle?


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