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So…for #CampNanowrimo, I am writing a trilogy project codenamed ‘Gallows’.  I thought you might like a sneaky sneak peek.

In this, the Delonshi, a type of shape shifting alien has already been introduced, and is considered ‘Fae’, a copy of the fae that were in fairy tales.   Werewolves and Vampires exist too, but it explains how in the book.


*Temp cover for Gallows….not the real one!

A howl went up from somewhere off to the south of the last above-ground house in town. Scrub off to one side where the dogs chased beasts and the misbegotten, those destroyed and ravaged and resurrected by the radiation. They were soon put down, when someone  A spidery smashed-glass window fronted the houses beyond, where the aliens lived, the boundary between where the kids met and played.  They lived below ground, spreading out under the city, under the houses.

Another howl went up, and one of the Delonshi peeked out from her burrow, her wide eyes filling with tears. “Oh, Dmitri…what did they do?” she murmured, then scampered out, sprouting wings. Unfurling them, then hovering behind, she began to sing softly.

The werewolf striding across the square was mangy, patches of fur that seemed shaved off, at some point.  Cuffs, ankles, and around his neck.  In his clawed hand, he held the shackles, bandages covering his hands where they touched the steel.  He was still snarling and slobbering, the drool damping his fur on either side. The mournful song carried in front of the bipedal wolf, a song of anger, and sorrow and loss.  A path cleared – Dmitri’s convict status was enough to push the townsfolk back from his path.  In his other hand he held something that glowed.  Something brittle, and poisonous.

“Chief Justice!” he howled, the words repeated by the sparkling – but somehow still dim – Delonshi following behind.  The little alien was flickering between winged and pretty and abject and mourning.  She had been called Oracle in her previous life – the one before the rift, and now, she could see again.  Black angel wings that spread over the town of Gallows.
A time of darkness was coming, and there was nothing any of them could do to stop it.

Gallows – coming soon.  Sign up here for more information.

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