o is for ooooh #atozchallenge

I love getting excited about stuff.  I love being a geek.

I’m pretty lucky actually. I get to do some really fun stuff, all in the name of research. I get to look at the coolest movies, the best RPGs and MMORPGs and better yet, my beloved and children hold much the same interests.

I get to hang out with the best people in the world too – smart writers, incredible gamers, amazing linguists. Brilliant programmers, educated readers and all who treasure knowledge, life, freedom and individuality.

One and all, as is clear by this post, I wanted to thank you. And to invite you to share more things to make me go “oooooh!”. Show me your coolest discoveries. Share your favorite books, sites, games. Geeky stuff.


And thank you. Thank you for being my geeky world and sharing it all with me.


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