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A lot of the questions I’ve been getting in private about what I’m talking about this month is why I’m not sharing my own stuff.  One of the things I can’t share quite yet is work, but I’ll be sharing that later in the month.  In the interim though, I thought I’d share a couple of the new things that I’m up to, and a couple of old ones too.

First.  You can follow me here – FacebookTwitterG+Mailing List


For those that missed it, I blog a lot.  The easiest way to keep up with my ‘random’ stuff is to head on over to http://aggreagate.kaiberie.com – it keeps the majority of my blogs, and I’m still finessing it down so that you can filter based on your favourite categories etc.
I thought I’d highlight a couple of the newer ones and invite you along to their twitter accounts etc.

Here’s Armed With Dice – and it’s TwitterFacebook – Mailing List – a geeky, gaming community where we’ll review relevant t-shirts, games, talk writing for geeks, and more.
Here’s Wilderness Apocalypse – and it’s TwitterFacebookMailing List – horror, short fiction, and lots of chatter from two wildernesses – Alaska, where my co-writer, Kriss is based, and here in the UK.
Here’s The Finishing Fairies – my PR company, again, co-owned with Kriss.  We’re about to start blogging social media, community management and more.
Finally, here’s the co-op I’m with – it’s called the Alexandria Publishing Group.


I can’t go very far without sharing the groups I’m with on y’all.
I moderate on several – The Indie Author GroupBook JunkiesI Dance With Books.

My books

Of course, I might as well share them.
My main book is a tutorial book called 12×12 – you can also find my horror stories here, under Sabrann Curach.


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