Q is for Quick Tips and questions/answers #AtoZchallenge

I thought today, I’d give you a couple of more quick tips, and keep with the lighter, shorter posts.  I know it’s unlikely stuff will ever be the epic length of my cover design post, but there’s a couple of other tips that aren’t big enough for a post of their own, and could be talked about today.

  1. I don’t need an editor, I write perfectly.
    I hate to say this, but everyone, *EVERYONE* needs an editor.  If you’re not sure where to look for one, there are some great documents on the Indie Author Group.
  2. I don’t have the time to do this…
    One of the major complaints that I keep hearing from people is that once they’ve got one (or more!) books online, it’s that they don’t have time to market.  The thing is though, you can market easily in ten or twenty minutes a day.  You need to have the basics in place, but the rest of it is easy to manage.  Plan out what you need to do and then look at doing it.  Decide what works, and what doesn’t – do more of what works!
  3. How do I decide between KDP and KDP select?
    Another major question we get on the groups that I look after is knowing whether the author in question should put the book on KDP, or opting into Select, which is Amazon’s exclusive platform.  To answer this, we need to look at what the author wants.  If you want your book to be available, from the outset on all platforms, you need to NOT use select.  But you’ll also not get to use certain promotional tools.  If you go back and read my post on Kindle, I cover it a bit, but there are benifits to being in Select, in return for posting your ebook to Select exclusively.
    What do I do?  90 days exclusivity on Select, encourage those not on Select to sign up and let me know they want the book, give them a discount on my newsletter when I publish it, using the Smashwords coupon system and then go all platforms if the signups justify it.  Otherwise I just stay on the Kindle until I need to move off into the wider world.  It works.
  4. I can’t get passed first draft, what do I do?
    In short?  Nanowrimo!  There are three throughout the year (two camps in April and June) and one major one in November.  This year will be my 12th, and I still love it.  It really REALLY helps, but it does take commitment.

Got any other questions?  Post ’em here and I’ll answer them if I can!


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