X for Xciting changes (yeah, I’m cheating)

So, now that I’m in amazing new job of doom(tm), I’ve decided that I’m going to start doing two things again.  Well… three actually.  One is painting minis and models and scenery and dioramas and *stuff*.  I really miss that hobby aspect of my life and I’m kinda glad I’m getting to do it again.

The second is knitting.  I really miss being able to knit, and that’s something I can change.

And most importantly….I’m going to get on with writing stuff and more importantly than that, releasing it all instead of sitting on it.  Mantic Games has a publishing arm, so I might write for them, but I want to get my own life sorted out and doing the stuff that makes me happy.  So there it is.  I’ll start sharing and showing off in the next few days, along with some of the other ‘fun’ projects I can now get away with doing.

Today’s was another short one, I know, but I’ll be back tomorrow with a half of a short story that I’m publishing in it’s entirety in one day between here and Wilderness Apocalypse called ‘Yesterday’.


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