Z for ZZZZZ….. #AtoZchallenge

I need a lot of sleep after this month.
I’ve started a new job, I’ve started a new project, I’ve approved edits and have sent books out for proofing, I’ve done lots of other things.  I’ve also let go of a lot of things I just can’t sustain.  I’ve collapsed projects, I’ve cut down on client work, and I’ve put myself, my family and my new job to the forefront of my mind.

So I thought I’d share where I’ve been for my AtoZ and give you the full circle of what I’ve done.

And then I’ll go sleep!

Wilderness ApocalypseAtoZ Challenge (Shared) – 17/25 posts.
Alexandria Publishing Group (shared), What is a name (introductions in the alphabet)
And Author Interrupted



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