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One of the major things I’ve been working on setting up,  since before the new dream job (which I’m going to blog about at some point soon!) was a daily marketing support project for those that don’t know where to start with writing, and need guidance that involves all of the minutiae they can get.  So I wrote 12×12 Marketing tutorials.

Then, I wrote Writer’s Almanac, but after I finished it, it just didn’t seem quite enough.  For a start, there was no accountability, and no way to get in touch about the stuff people were stuck on, and that really defeated the purpose of writing a daily book of promotional activities for anyone that was struggling with writing…
So, I redesigned it from the ground up.  It’s now ready to go on July 1st.  It’s no longer a book, but something else entirely, and is a lot easier to access and has been streamlined to take all of the pain out of marketing, and give you an idea, every day of where your attention should be.  It’s also now been updated to include what I’ve learned about some of my most successful Facebook campaigns, and how to use Facebook to your advantage – until the algorithms change at least, at which point I’ll work something else out.

It’s not a get lots of followers, sell squillions of books, make millions of pounds project – in fact, realistically, all I’m giving you are the tools to make sure your marketing efforts are spot on and designed to give you a clear idea of what you should be doing *daily* to make your business work for you, marketing wise.
I’ll explain how to do it all free of course (bar your time) but I will also recommend tools that speed up automation etc.  All in the name of making sure marketing isn’t as difficult for you as it could be.

If this sounds something like you’d like to get in on, please email me.  It’s $36 yearly, and is one daily long email, three to five reminder emails to give you a small task to do!
I’ll also send you a free copy of 12×12.


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