Resetting my priorities

I keep calling this idea the ‘hard reboot’, and it’s something I’ve really tried to avoid because it’s just so drastic, but here we go.

A long time ago, I stopped writing and talked about burnout.  I’m horrified to discover, reading back to when I first started talking about it, that I was talking about it as far back as 2011.  I’ve blogged about it A LOT.
And while it’s true I’ve written for Nanowrimo since then, I’m not writing daily, and I think that’s bad – really bad – for me.  I think  it’s messing up my whole outlook on everything.

I now work part time, in a marketing job, so I’ve got that solid commitment to shape my work and world around but have you ever looked at a pile of work that you have and get paralysed.  That’s me right now.

The really horrible thing is there are lots and lots of books I’d love to write.  I’m passionate and engaged about all of them.
So, I’m going to list them in the sidebar, along with their status.  I might even manage different colours for different statuses.

In with that is a slight change to my blogs.  I’m still thinking about how to deal with that.  But first, I want to get on with my books.
For that reason, there’s now a sidebar that’ll track them.  I’m seeing if I can’t link up stuff too, but for now, it’ll just be names and numbers 😉

From there, I’m going to concentrate on writing and my job with Mantic Games (we’re 4 days to go till the end of our Kickstarter!)

So.  Hard reset.  You ready????????????????????????


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