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So, for those of you wondering where I vanished to on Facebook, I’ve been locked out temporarily.  I’ve submitted my driver’s licence, I hope they let me back on soon.  But there’s very little that I can do other than follow guidelines.  I’m not worried though – what’s got me more upset is that my pre-order for Memento Mori has been cancelled.  I’m working through that too with Amazon.  Not been a good day for me and tech at all.

But in better news…

In better news this week, I passed 125k on my Nanowrimo novels.  Ar Y Traeth isn’t going up on Wattpad yet, because I discovered something that I needed to check and it requires editing – which I don’t do during Nanowrimo.  But I am talking the hint, seeing as I can’t be on the social network that I use the most and reviewing websites, designing content and getting some much needed work done.  And then I’ll see about sorting out the issue I found with my story and I’ll share it.

One of the major projects I’m working on is #Stuffwritersneed – I’d love to hear from you if you’re an author and have some recommendations for anything that writers need.  Whether it’s software, books, stationary, treats or websites, I want to hear from you.  I’m interviewing people now, and we launch on December 1st, so if you’d like to get your interview in the queue, please let me know!



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