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So, I mentioned lots of little side projects before the New Year kicked off, and I’m finally getting around to putting up official signup forms.

First though – I’m still in the process of trying to change things permanently, but these projects are basically where I want to be in the next year.  It’s not an easy process, but I feel like it’ll be worth it.
Please do read the various notes attached to each project – some are looking for specific people (so if you sign up and don’t get your slot, please don’t be offended.  I’ve got some specific needs for some of them (like the diary test project) and as they cost me money to send you the product to test, I do have to draw the line somewhere.  Others are geographically or genre based, so be aware of that before you sign up.

Diary/planner testing

I’m looking for people to test a new project I’m designing.  I would need you to sign an NDA and give me honest feedback, and to help me promote it when we move to the next phase, but if you’re interested, you have to do three things.

  1. Share this post – it leads people back to the diary/planner information on my blog
  2. Sign up for the mailing list – even if you don’t get a planner to test (there are three designs), we’ll keep you up to date and let you know when it’s available to order.
  3. Fill in this form here – I’ll send you documents to sign etc.  It’s a very short form, and doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be invited, but it’s a good start!

The planner is designed to be started for next year, and we’re probably going to crowd fund it.  It’s designed for writers AND artists, so if you’re either, I’d love to hear from you.

Stuff Authors Need

A lot of people have asked me about SAN, and this is the official buy one year, get one year of listing free signup slot.  This is a project to help me set up a foundation to help writers suffering from severe hardship – first, we want to fund the Not for Profit registration,  then set up a board.  This is our first step, so if you’re a service provider, sign up on the form below, and I’ll invoice you.  Invoices come out about once every 48 hours.
This is for service providers ONLY.  Listing is $5 per year, but is currently on buy one get one free until 15th January.  If you fill in the form after then, you’ll be $5 for the one year, not two.


I’m hoping to found several anthology projects.  Signup is as easy as dropping me an email or hitting my contact form.
I’m thinking of doing a ‘timeline’ series of stories, where we choose a date and a range of interlinkable genres, and write books around that.  All books will get a share of proceeds after costs, and I’d quite like, eventually, to get people to come onto a ‘board’ of sorts for each anthology.  First step though is the first anthology, which is ‘Timeline…sometime in the past’, and is going to be fantasy, steampunk and horror.

Finally….my own books

I’ll soon be putting out a pile of books, so if you’d like to help me, just comment below.  I’ll send you information and you can decide if you wanna play!

Thanks guys!


  1. Amy Smart

    I would love to help you with your upcoming books!

  2. Amy Smart

    I would love to help you with your upcoming books!


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