C is for Canny beauty #atozchallenge

Canny is a predominantly Scottish word which means shrewd, clever, pleasant or nice.
I’m Scottish, though unless you follow my Instagram you might never guess.
Today we went to see something of extraordinarily canny beauty – the Falkirk Kelpies.
Below are some photos.  The links to stuff will appear on my return 🙂

C is also for Celtic myths, of which a kelpie is one. It is said they are shapeshifting creatures who live by fresh water, transforming into horses to lure humans to them and, when climbed upon to ride home, dives into the water, drowning its rider.
If you are in on near Falkirk, it’s well worth it, and the whole Helix park looks gorgeous.


  1. Susan Gourley

    I would love to see those in person some day. Your pictures are some of the best I’ve seen with close ups and different angles. Wonder why they wanted to drown people.

    • Kai

      Kelpies are supernatural creatures – they shapeshift into horses, to attract humans. As to why they want to eat us, probably the same reason everything wants to eat us, they’re myths to keep unruly kids in line 😉

  2. Jemima Pett

    Thank you, thank you! I saw these wonderful creations on a trailer for the canal boat trip on Sunday nights, but I hadn’t found what/where they are until now. Of course, they’ll be near the amazing Falkirk Circle.

    I must get up to Falkirk soon. And if you ever meet a lady called Faye Patterson, give her my regards 🙂

    • Kai

      They’re in the new Helix park, near the Falkirk wheel. It was raining so I didn’t get to have a good explore, but I did get enough of a look to know I’d quite like to take my mom’s dogs there.

  3. Rosie Amber

    These are amazing sculptures, just dropping by from the A to Z from a link on Diane Coto’s FictionZeal letter D. Happy Blogging.


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