D is for Darkness Deadlies #AtoZ challenge

The Darkness Deadlies are the evolving series of books that have taken up most of the whole of my life. In the next few days, I’ll be announcing how you can join in on the street team a friend and I share, which is where the beta copies will be distributed, but if you are a reader, there’s a lot of snippets to start enjoying over on Darkness PD in the coming days, but I wanted to put a little post up on here about the series itself.
While I mentioned that I didn’t really have a geographical grasp of the world I’ve built until much later, I do know a couple of things about some of the elements itself.
I know that Harper travels between Darkness and a parallel Edinburgh. That parallel Edinburgh has a few main places – a bar ran by a man who talks to unseen supernatural creatures, and runs a bar for those who meet there. And Merridian – Harper’s staunchest friend there. She is an exiled mage, wandering the wilds of magic until she can find a way home.
Back in Darkness, Glass Block is set both in the city, and in one of the old, abandoned jails. The jail was the site of a serious antivirus incident which was covered up, but Elliot soon realises something is amiss. The second book is set about sixty miles from Darkness, in the wilderness where a cult leader is said to be hiding. While using holomasks, and all manner of other things, Elliot and Harper are sent to infiltrate them.
The Darkness Deadlies are currently 194 plots on number and are everything from sci-fi thrillers to YA urban fantasy and NA urban fantasy. Horror and transgressive, to light hearted, funny stories like “Harper’s day off”. The timeline takes up three A4 sheets. It’s intimidating and exhilarating all at once.
I hope you enjoy the posts talking about the book, and if you’d like to pre-order Glass Block, it’s available to now, launching April 30th (updated from April 15th!)


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