F is for Freedom… (and free time) and introducing Farran #AtoZchallenge

AKA, what I do in my free time.

At the end of this post, there’s a chance to request a knitted item. Please read the rules before requesting one, specifically about the things you need to do!

I used to think free time was something you eventually got back when your kids were grown.  Or when your characters finally decided that they were happy enough to leave you alone and get on with their own lives.  In short, I thought I wouldn’t have much.  As the years have gone by though, I’ve found that although I can spend whole days writing (8 hours plus), I also have time for hobbies.  I think partially it’s to do with the fact that the kids are grown, and in part because my characters only talk to me occassionally and leave me with notes.

So, when I’m not writing, or teaching social media, I’ve got a couple of hobbies.
I play games.  My favorites are games like Borderlands 2 and Fallout 3.  My partner plays with me on the shared games, but I’ve got a huge amount of games, and am on Steam and on Blizzard, where I play Heroes of the Storm, and occassionally get a yearning to play WoW.

When not gaming like that, I game with actual games.  My favorites are Relic, any of the Arkham horrors and Dead of Winter, so much so in fact, I’m going to start sorting out some actual play games to share with people!  Again, my partner and I play a lot.  I also love Netrunner, Xcom and Battlestar Galactica.  We get ALL our stuff at events, or more often, Proud Lion, our local comicbook/game store run by one of our very good freinds.  We also love Cards Against Humanity, though we’re pretty much sure that makes us terrible people
And let’s not get me started on Dungeon Sagas.  I loved that Kickstarter, moreso cause I helped!

And then, the time I’m not doing that?  I do yoga, I used to run (though I’ve had it suggested that I shouldn’t any more, for a while to let my back recover), and I knit.  I take photos and I really enjoy gardening, though I’m very disorganised and often don’t think through what I’m up to.

Back to the characters though – I’d like you to all meet Farran.
Farran is not in the same universe as Elliot – in fact, he’s the second in command on the Black Monday.  After the planet explodes, he’s basically framed, so is frozen and consigned to reclamation duties.  In 60 years, nine of them are frozen, along with some petty criminals assigned to them, to reclaim the planet.  I’m delighted to announce Soul’s Road Salvagers, the first book to properly introduce Farran’s motley crew will be available this year too (if you’re keeping track, that’s four books + Glass Block for Elliot, Black Monday and now Soul’s Road.  I’ll also be releasing Memento Mori properly, now that I’ve sorted out the issues with the rights to a couple of the stories).

Finally….I mentioned that I knit.
I’ve found that people, when discovering I knit lace, ask me to make them things.
If you’d like to request something knitted, I ask that you tell me what pattern you want, and yarn, if you know what you’re after.  If you don’t, I’ll price it up at my local hobbycraft.  It will cost you the cost of the yarn, and a small donation of some sort towards my time.  Just comment and I’ll get in touch – I’ve just finished knitting NINE baby blankets (well, I’m on the last few rows of the last one) so I’m happy to knit something intricate for people, you just need to know that there may be a queue.  I won’t bill until I get started though, so if you’re later in the queue, you don’t need to choose for a while!

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