H is for Horror #AtoZchallenge

I have to admit, if I didn’t meet Elliot, I think I’d have just written Zombie stories for the rest of my life.  There’s something incredibly attractive to me about horror and transgression (T for), and a lot of overlap in my thinking.

Unfortunately for me, when I first met my partner, I talked about some of the stuff I was writing.

And I proceeded to tell him this:
“What would happen if a serial killer was storing dead bodies in a frozen food truck, and had saved them all up, before bringing them down into the gardens, sticking them on the merry-go-round and setting fire to it before setting it in motion?’
What would happen is a forensic mess. What actually happened was my other half was backing away from me, at speed, into a plate glass window outside a shop with a look of sheer amazement on his face. He sees a merry-go round on fire and thinks ‘dammed shame, it was painted so nice too’.
I see a Merry go round on fire and think ‘Elliot would have a cow, and forensics would be at it for months…..’

My poor now fiancee (couldn’t have scared him that much!) backed away from me into a glass window and told me I was mad.  The story was so good though that it and ‘the Wall’ will feature on the Darkness PD blog later this year as giveaways for those signed up to my writer’s list.

Horror is an intregal part of what I write, and luckily, there are a couple of people in APG with me that are the same – Valerie Douglas wrote ‘Shades’, Donna K. Fitch – The Color of Darkness and Other Stories and as my pen name, Sabrann Curach I’ve written three shorts – Footnotes to a Lesson, Litanies, Pillow Talk.

If you’re interested in more about horror, head on over to APG today for H is for Horror by Donna K Fitch.


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