I #AtoZchallenge

I’m going to do something a bit easy today, and something that takes a tiny bit of courage on my part. I don’t like the photos people have of me, but I’m told I’m pretty and I should show off a bit more.  So…here I am.

Here are some photos of me.


Tomorrow’s post will be J for ‘just incredible’.  Indie books you just can’t pass up!


  1. April Moore

    People are right! You are pretty–don’t be shy!

  2. Stepheny Houghtlin

    Love visiting new blogs during the #Challenge. I always start with fellow writers and your blog name called to me. Thanks for all the hard work it takes to participate. If you have a minute, come see me. I’ll hear the garden gate click open.

    • Kai

      I’ve met him twice now. Then, in 2006, and a couple of years ago. He’s a doll, he really is. not only did he remember me (when I reminded him of the gift I brought him), but stopped and talked for a few minutes, even though it was near the end of his signing. Can’t recommend the guy enough, and love his books 🙂


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