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I love doing these posts!
A few days ago, I started collecting my favorite ‘incredible indies’, and then decided, what the heck, I’ll share some books from my freinds.

How this works – I’ll give you a one sentence description of each book that I’m including (either the first line from the blurb) and then they’ll be in the gallery below.  Enjoy!

My choices!

I’m not sharing Glass Block today, that would be far too cheeky, but I did want to share someone from APG.

Valerie Douglas’ book, Nike’s Wings is one of my favourite books.  It was one of the first books I ever read by Valerie, that I didn’t later edit, and has been one of the most heart-racing thrillers I’ve ever read.  She and I are pretty much partner’s in crime – we co-founded the Indie Author Group, and The Alexandria Publishing Group.  Valerie has piles of books out, check them out!

Shaun Allan’s another author I’m entirely blessed to know.  His book, Sin, is another of my favourites.  Like Nike’s Wings, I go back and read it again and again.  And I’m running his BLOG TOUR this coming month – I’d love it if you’re a blogger looking to feature a writer that you join in. Also, Sin is currently on Countdown deal, so if you’ve been thinking about getting into a new writer, now is a good time!

Paul Kater is another APG member, and on tour with me later in May.  His book, Wanted: Hero has a gorgeous cover, and we’ve talked about it often enough that I’m looking forward to read it, as it’s in my TBR.  Paul’s on tour later in May, I’m very excited about that!  If you’d like to hear about that and Shaun’s tour, please head on over to Indieminions tomorrow and check out the posts!

Brianna Hawthorne is a very good freind of mine who runs a tree farm and writes brilliant, first person novels (of which I’m the editor, so I’m a bit biased).  I love her photos of her tree farm though, and we’re setting up a campaign to ensure her farm is protected.  You can start with the first book though!

And then, a newer friend of mine – Barb Drozdowich has written a series of amazing books for Indie Authors, and her latest one is just perfect for writers looking to work with bloggers, so check out ‘The Author’s Guide to Working with Book Bloggers.‘  Barb has some incredible resources for writers, so you should go check her out. A must read for all indies seeking reviews or guest posts!

Now, I’d like to share two of my favourite ladies on Facebook deserve mention here – Pavarti K Tyler’s Moon Dust is a great book, and it’s a prequel to 2 moons of Sera. Pav’s books are great – they address some seriously meaty questions without feeling at all preachy.
Rachel Thompson’s new book, Broken Places is one of the most moving books I’ve ever read.  Well worth the read, and she’s been featured on the blog earlier this year to boot!  Rachel is an outspoken child abuse prevention advocate, and runs the brilliant MondayBlogs, among other things.

Then, there’s Troy Lambert.  His book, Stray Ally is one those books that you don’t quite know what to expect, and rewards you with an amazing story that really hits you in all the right places.  Plus, I loved the dog..

Finally, Stephen King (well, Stephen H King) is a fantasy writer whose stories I find quite funny for some reason.  Head on over and enjoy his first book, Prophecy (Elf Queen of Kiirajanna Book 1), and bonus, he shares a cover designer with me!  Wooo, Renée Barratt!

The Gallery features links – just hover over the image and click and it will take you to Amazon!


I’ve had a quick look at the books included, but if you don’t agree with the choices in here, please don’t comment and attack the writers.  I’ve had to pull two books already and though I’m sure the writers appreciate being told of errors (via me), I’m very uncomfortable about people criticising books on my post, so if you want to do that, email me via my contact form instead so I can pass it to the author.  I won’t approve these comments, so don’t keep posting.  It’s one of the few times I’m actually placing a limit on the comments.


  1. Barb Drozdowich

    Thanks so much for including me in such great company!


  2. Barb Drozdowich

    Thanks so much for including me in such great company!



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