K is for Kingmaker #AtozChallenge #DarknessDeadlies

I’ve talked about a couple of the next novels I’m doing for Glass Block over on DarknessPD, but I deliberately avoided mentioning number five.  Why?
What, other than I’m evil? 🙂
To be honest, I wanted to save Kingmaker for here.

Kingmaker is one of the novels that I really didn’t want to write.  It changes things in a way I didn’t want to do for a lot longer, which is why I’m saying it’s five for now, but it might move.

Kingmaker is basically the novel that exposes some of the worst people in Darkness for the first time.  The story revolves around the idea that Elliot’s father exposed something that should never have seen the light of day and everyone has been frantically trying to bury it since.  What is it?
Without doing too many spoilers, it’s the story of how Harper can cross between worlds, and what changed things enough that magic is now prevalent in alt-Edinburgh.  It’s also the story of why Elliot is who he is.

I’m currently writing the first draft, and it’s much darker than I thought it would ever be.
So…to celebrate the near middle of my A-Z challenge on all of my blogs, would you like to name a character? I’m looking for a good name for a villian and a police officer.  If you win, you can have the first five books as they’re published in ebook format.

Just comment below.
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