Why I failed at the #AtoZ challenge this year and #Kaiatus #Mondayblogs

Challenging myself to write three 26 blog sets, along with a book launch, and everything else going on in my life was probably a bad idea. But I’d planned it a few months ago and couldn’t back out. Now though, I’m planning a whole new project – I’m calling it #Kaiatus, and I’m hoping that I can finally finish up the niggling stuff, get some space from social media and find my way back to my ‘happy place’.
There is no way I can put a positive spin on backing out of work, but there’s a good reason.

I’m going to finish the posts to get through the drafts, but I’m officially holding my hands up and saying that I can’t finish up before the end of April, and certainly not one post a day, not if I’m going to catch up too. Priority goes to my marketing and book blogs,, but I’m holding my hands up now and saying that I’m just so snowed and my motivation is pretty much screwed over too. Some of it is the natural low from putting up a book. Some of it is the things going on in my world. Some of it though is I need time off. Not because I’m sick, I just…Need. Time. Off. That became ‘Kai needs a hiatus’. #Kaiatus

I decided to take things into my own hands. I’ve managed to move from job to job lately. No time in between to celebrate, no time to look at long term plans. I just pick up the next thing, and add things to the end. It creates a never-ending list for myself.

I own more domains than I like to think about, and I don’t use a lot of them. I run groups and pages and projects on Facebook. I’m SUPPOSED to be writing for Camp Nanowrimo (which I’ve sorta done). I have clients to care for, and things to do that should make me feel a lot better about everything than I do.
Last night, 4:30am my time, I finally signed off on my book – Glass Block has FINALLY gone up to Amazon, and will be available April 30th.

While sorting that out, I got into a conversation with the fabulous Renée Barratt of the Cover Counts about the next four covers, and I’m delighted to confirm that the genius behind my Glass Block cover is doing the next set. We’ve discussed it, I’m saving, and then we’ll see where we get to, but one of the best things about this is I can start really planning properly and put up pre-orders as soon as I get the covers.

In the meantime, next month is about finishing up some really neat non-fiction books that I haven’t touched since getting bogged down, cleaning my garden and finishing up weeding the back fence (and repair and paint it!), some serious decluttering and some downtime to read and just *be*. I’m taking time away from the spotlight of social media, though I’ll still be sharing funny stuff and talking to people. I’m looking forward to completing a couple of games, and squaring away the things I want to do and make sure I’m caught up, before launching the anthologies that I’ve been threatening for a while. I never liked to settle, but at the same time, I’ve been launching some things and scrambling. I need to stop that. I also need to actually use my time better – I think it’ll do wonders for me if I’m actually planning and achieving the small things before writing.

Speaking of. (and I know this is a bit backwards after everything I’ve said above, but it’s honestly related!) The first book that’s ready to go is….

I’m talking about the 21 habits I’m putting in place, which I believe will help me find clarity, balance in the house between writing and housework and my own self-esteem and practising what I preach – social media should be limited. In the last 21 days, I’ve started putting some of these in place, and I believe they work, so I wanted to share!

The next 40 days are going to be all about catching up, and barrelling away and finding clarity. I’ll be talking a lot about it, not on Facebook or Twitter, but on my personal blogs. They’ll pop up everywhere though!


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