Why #Kaiatus turned into silence

Hi guys and gals.  Bear with me a sec, while I explain something.

Sometimes it takes - Hayley WilliamsAt the end of June, myself and my business partner (Shaun Allan, he of Sin, and Darker Places, among other things) set up an app company.  Then, a couple of days into the new company stuff, I fell down the stairs in our house.

I don’t exactly know what happened.  I was unconscious when David found me, but my son found me first.  All I remember before that was reaching down to make sure my little grey and white cat, Haley, hadn’t brought in a bird.  On the steps.  Ooops.

So, that necessitated an ambulance outside of my house, on the grass the kids normally play on, lots of whimpering and crying, and the growing realization that I couldn’t feel my left leg, at all.  Six days in hospital, and I was sent home by the pain team with some really unusual meds, lots of painkillers and instructions about not overdoing it.  So, since the beginning of July, ‘not overdoing it’ has also involved ‘not blogging’, ‘not writing’ and ‘not being myself at all’.  A lot of my coping mechanisms mentioned previously on this blog are still extant.  I still veg more often than not, though I’m trying to teach myself to read as much as I physically can, as often as I can now – I’ll share my reading lists (including those I’m following along on Wattpad) on Sunday, I think, but till then I wanted to pop my head up and apologize for going silent so suddenly.

I do have some good news though – I’ve been working on that old book of mine – the forensic writing one.  I think I’ve got a neat name for it – I think I’m going to call it ‘ The secret language of Fiction’.  I’m still thinking – it’s not a perfect fit, but it’s now officially on ‘the list’.

But I’m still on a go slow – it wasn’t something I really meant to do, but between my psych meds still not working and my injury, travelling (we went to Edinburgh, then London, more on that later too!), I’ve just found it too hard to sit down and work out where my new workflow is leading me.

Blueshifted Apps launches soon however, and I’m really excited about that, along with the things I’ll be announcing to my mailing list.  I might be rubbish at being extroverted when injured, but I’ve been thinking a lot about who I am and what I write, and I’ve got so many neat things I want to deal with between now and the end of the year, and that’s just awesome.  I’m hoping that Blueshifted gets me most of the way there, income wise, and the books will fill up the rest.

How have you guys been?  Anything exciting going on?


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