Six word stories – the introductory edition #Mondayblogs

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately with short form stories.
Originally, the most poignant story I ever encountered was the one written, apparently by Hemingway (though that’s since been refuted as the source of the story) which goes as follows:
For Sale:Baby Shoes.  Never Worn.

So, for #Mondayblogs, I thought I’d start a six word stories, with different themes.
If you post one, you can fill in the comment form with a link of your choice, but please only sign your name on the post itself, to keep the stories as the main event.  You may post as many as you like of course, but the post should only contain between six and ten words (four of which are your name).  Posts not following this pattern will be removed.
We’ll share some of the best with links to the authors who provided them next week, along with a new theme.

No theme this week – it’s whatever you’d like.

I’ve so far written two:

  1. Worlds change babe. Fool no more. (actually part of a poem I wrote years ago).
  2. Holding my breath, no way out.

Let’s see yours, and with thanks to multiple friends for providing suggestions and talking about six word stories this week.


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