Chatrooms and fun

This year, we’re running our chatrooms again.  We had hoped to get it all moved over onto Gloucestershire Writers, but never mind!

We have several chatrooms right now, depending on your project, but the main Nanowrimo Gloucestershire rooms are linked here while the IAGNanowrimo one is here

We have some commands here.

I’ll be running the chatrooms daily, from November 1st, though, this year will be the first year I WILL NOT be in the chatrooms during meets.  It’s just too much to manage.

We are currently working on setting up timers for sprints – once I work it all out I’ll announce them here too!

Please note – there is a connection limit on the server that we got very close to last year.  Please do let me know if you see it, though I would also like to highlight that messaging me when the server resets doesn’t change the server resetting, and it’s really not personal.


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