Nanowrimo 2015 and what I’m writing

Nanowrimo 2015 posterI’ve been trying to write this post since October 1st, so I’m doing my level best to get this up and out before the end of the month, so here it is.

I’m currently planning five books, though I’m not sure whether I’m still doing those five when I finish isn’t exactly clear.  What I do need to do in the next 48 hours is generate the maps out and post them here for Dungeon Bashers.

Which leads me rather neatly into ‘Dungeon Bashers’ – it’s going to be a set of novellas about gamers.  Current plan is each dungeon half takes one book to finish, then there’s a book of downtime and ‘relationship stuff’ then they go bashing the next dungeon.  I’m rendering it out either with Warhammer Quest or Dungeon Saga tiles, depending on my mood.  I’m building the first couple, but the next sets will be generated from decks.

Next up is ‘Specials’ – I’m looking at putting super heroes in different places.  First one is going to have been made ‘super’ by an explosion of some sort, and scattered throughout time.  As I get through the books, I’m going to talk about the others, but as she went the furthest back and is the later narrator, I thought I’d start with her.

And then.  “Seeking Her Happily Ever After” – after Jenna realizes her whole life has been based around the lie of someone loving her when it was possible he didn’t, she sets out to change her life, her world and her outlook.  It doesn’t always go right, but she’s sure she’ll find her happily ever after.  The second book in this series will be called ‘That was then, this is now’ .  These are going out under Kai Viola, because what’s that name if not a romance writer?

And then, Epoch Z and the redo on ‘At the end of the world, there are dragons’.  Epoch Z is zombie stories, following the alphabet, while ‘Dragons’ is about people that are psychic as the world ends.  Both are going to be a lot of fun.

I’m aiming for something this year, but I can’t really say I’m entirely feeling it yet.  But, tomorrow is our Kick-off party, so maybe I’ll feel better then.


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