The end… #Nanowrimo 2015 after action report

One of the things I’ve been working hard at lately is making myself more present and accountable – instead of living in the past and trying to get past things I can’t change, I am instead working on accepting and understanding why I feel the way I do, while living with my limitations, and working around the issues my mental health presents.

One of the major things I had to accept this month is that there’s no way I’m going to be able to work out of the house full-time, any time in the near future.  So I threw (and I really mean THREW) myself into Nanowrimo, and wrote my butt off.  I wrote reports for Blueshifted Apps, I edited for two friends, I wrote fiction and non-fiction, and started a poetry book.  Insomnia at the beginning of the month meant that I wasn’t really sleeping, so I wrote.  I ran meets (though, I’ve never been out on my own, something else I’m working on) and kept the chatrooms up and running.  I made sure that everything I was doing fed back into what was important to me.

And so, I thought I’d talk about Nanowrimo today, which ended yesterday.  The other stuff, I’ll touch on later, but Nanowrimo was awesome for me this year on a personal level.  I wrote over 350k on all of my projects combined, and though there’s a road ahead to release them, the hard bit is done – hard for me anyway.  I’ve completed four projects, and made a strong start on a further 13 – some of them are serials, so are pretty much designed to keep going and going – others…I don’t know.  And I will talk about them in the coming days, weeks and months, but mostly, I’m just proud I made it again this year.  I didn’t think I’d see my birthday, let alone Nanowrimo at one point this year – my mental health has been on a quite sharp downturn for the last 16 months or so, and at the bottom of that pit, I was barely sleeping, finding it hard to eat and had no interest in anything.  The bottom of that pit was August of this year, so it’s been tough to motivate myself this month, enough to get anything done properly at least.

But, I did.
The next few months will basically hold a lot more of the same – a few of us are continuing with daily prompts and wordcount threads outside of Nanowrimo, where people can drop in and out and report as they go, and that’ll be cool.  And if not, well, I’ll see you, hopefully, for #Nanowrimo2016.


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