Whatcha – let’s talk turkey….

Ok. So, as many of you can probably see, the blog is undergoing another design overhaul, and as many of you are coming over from Kaiberie.com, I did promise in my freebie, that I’d talk a bit about books.

Before I do though – my professional life is a completely different shape than it was several years ago. There are some areas that are still the same – I still help out at Nanowrimo, I still write, I still live with the man I love, I still run the server, but a lot of what I used to do isn’t the same. I format now, but not unless you know to ask me (but I’ll be changing that soon!) but I stopped editing for all but a very special few cases. I run an app company too, but we’re still setting up.

But y’all don’t really come here to hear me talk about that stuff. Instead, you expect me to talk about books. So book chatter it is!
I’m even really excited for the first time to offer my beta list signup form to the ‘wild’ as it were, so I’m going to rattle through everything really quick (much like the video I recored at Kaiberie.com) and then over the next few weeks we’ll talk about the new stuff a bit slower so you can decide if it’s something you really want to see – beta lists is open to the public as of this evening though, as is the mailing list.  You do have to be a member of the mailing list to get the first part of approval for the beta team, and my beta team sort of comes onto my street team, so if accepted, you do need to be able to check out the Facebook Group, or skip winning the prizes bit (because we do that for activity on the group, rather than beta reading specifically).  Please also note, signing up on my beta group will not mean I beta for you, though I often do.  It’s just not promised nor offered right now, so if you’re hoping for reciprocal exchanges, please contact me separately.  I will also basically say that I’ve got no room to beta for now, so I won’t answer straight away 🙂

All that out of the way…awesome.

Let’s talk about my books.

So, when we last left off, I’d had a run with my non-fiction and we stopped midway to work out what  massive change was doing to the advice I was giving, Glass Block was just out too.  And then, unfortunately, I got really sick.  I mean, epic levels of really sick.  This time a year ago, I damaged my back falling down the stairs. Then, shingles again, then an ear infection that very quickly morphed into cellulitis, then…well…then, then then, basically.  It’s been that way for about three years.  So let’s look forward, not backwards.

By now I had hoped to be releasing a book every three to six months, in the two split universes I write in.  I’ve done Elliot’s, so now I have to talk about the other ones.

It’s a bit disingenuous to tell you that they’re split universes, but it’s ever so slightly spoilery for now to explain why, so please believe me when I say they’re completely apart, in terms of timelines, but maybe not as far apart, technology wise as people might have thought, when I first started talking about it.

Black MondayBlack Monday is the first of five books in one series and the primary lead in to one of my other favourite characters, Farran, who first appears later, in Salvagers.  Black Monday, as you know, has a cover already.  It’s this beauty.  Black Monday is about a colony ship launch, and talks about how Farran goes from lauded first officer to disgraced genocidal and vilified character in the press of a few buttons.

Salvagers picks up where that left off for Farran.  After being cryogenically frozen for his crimes, until a suitable punishment and use for him could be found, he now leads up a rag tag crew of other criminals and is stunned to discover it’s been 102 years since they left Earth.  Gedren, who was Farran’s commanding officer isn’t dead either though, so Farran has to contend with that too.  So that’s all fun and games until someone puts an eye out 😉

I also promised news on a couple of other things.  I mentioned Subway Prophets and what next for Elliot, as well as ‘at the end of the world there are dragons’,  all of which I do promise I’m going to talk about but this is rapidly hitting the point where it’s a huge post, so I’ll split that off onto tomorrow’s announcement, and tell you where next from there too.

Let me know what you think so far though!

Oh, schedules.   Scheduling wise, I’ll announce tomorrow, but I’m shifting (I hope) to bi-annual publishing for book sets (and each series will get one book a year, so obviously, it’ll be two books every six months really) and seasonly minimum for my non-fiction.  Which I’ll also talk about tomorrow.  Or maybe Thursday.  See you then?


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