Nanowrimo Wheeeeee!

It’s my most favorite time of the year – Nanowrimo!  For those of you who don’t know what it is, Nanowrimo is the National Novel Writer’s month.   It’s great fun – a chance to try to write without your inner critic nipping at you because you won’t have time to stop and think about what it’s saying if you want to make 50,000 words in the month.

To be fair, that’s 1667 words a day.  And while a lot of naysayers claim that this is the reason there’s a lot of drek out there in the writing world, I like to think that Nanowrimo is the creative spirit in us all.

And it’s ok if you don’t want to do it – it’s just a lot of fun if you do.  This year, I’m scaling back a little.  The last couple of years I’ve tried to write as much as I can – this year I’m trying something different.

I’m writing four books – but I don’t have covers.  Two non-fiction, two fiction.

I’m writing “I don’t want to wear…” – which is a book about dealing with heavy periods and everything you haven’t been told about managing them without ruining your clothes, your social life and your tolerance to medication.  It’s a humourous non-fiction.

The other non-fiction book I’m writing is a bit wierd.  It’s about mindfulness and dealing with anxiety when you find it difficult to connect with that stuff.  I dunno if it’s semi-autobiographical, but I’m also currently talking about the miscarraiges and the other issues I’ve had since this severe anxiety bout started.  It doesn’t have a title.

And the fiction I’m writing – Cherry lips is the stories a sex addict tells at her sex addiction therapy – all of the adventures she’s had.  It’s funny, and very erotic, so that’ll be a change because I’ve not written proper erotica in about eight years.

Midnight is a fantasy/magic realism novel about a girl and the two worlds she sees and believes she’s living in.  The real world, and every so often, she slips into the other one, and though she’s there for a while, seconds pass in the real world.  It’s a bit like Mirrormask right now, but there will be dragons and swordfights and all sorts.  It’ll be an allegory for her dealing with bullies and other stuff – some of the things she does while she’s daydreaming changes the world around her sort of thing.  I really don’t like it right now, but I’m going to see it through.

Unlike the last couple of years, I’m not aiming to get 50k on all of them – just a solid start so I can finish them in the coming year.

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this every year since 2003. That makes this my 14th Nanowrimo! Woot!  How about you guys?  How many have you done?  What are you writing?



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