OK… NOW I’m back…

Y’know what they say about the best laid plans and all the other sayings about making plans, and them exploding in your face?

I wish I actually had a good reason for it, but, it’s actually a set of reasons. Predominantly, discovering that I have anameia so severe that I need to go for infusions, which has cut my effective working time down to a fraction of what I’m used to, cause I’m so absolutely exhausted, constantly.
(at the time of writing this, I’ve been for one of two infusions, which, I’ll be honest, I’m pretty sure I’m feeling a little better, but not much. Tomorrow night, at the time of writing this, I have a full torso CT. I’m very lucky to live where I do – not only am I UK, but we’ve been a county that has a moderate increase but not a massive bump in our CV19 infections, touch wood. We do have BOTH mutations locally though, so that may change, but so far, it’s looking like we’ll be ok to get my CT done, and that’ll leave me with autoimmune as the issue with my stomach, or maybe finally the endometriosis has caught up to the point that it now hurts monthly instead of being ignorable. But we’ll find out tomorrow, or just after, with any luck.)

If that wasn’t enough….

Add to that, I’ve had shingles, had to postpone Uni till next year, and a few other bits and pieces, I’m just kinda feeling like I’m on the hop. And then, we had to 180 degree from Christmas plans – there’s no physical way for us to travel over one day to get home, with all the well-meaning ideas in the world – we live six hours from where we grew up, without traffic accidents, roadworks and other delays. And, both of us have grandparents still alive, and we want to keep it that way.
I’d like to put everything behind me though. So, Mondays should see a post here. Starting, later tonight, with my calendar for the year, and how I plan on working on everything. Things change over the years, but this year, I’m actually going to work through some of the changes I’ve been putting off and taking them forward, finally.
I hope, on this updated adventure, you’ll join me! There will be news on writing groups, projects you can join me on, and I’ll even be talking Nanowrimo, because I don’t think I’ll be home for one of the Camp Nanos this year, and that’ll be an adventure all it’s own in a new world. 🙂
All will be revealed…along with news on where to check out my newsletters, books, and more, cause that’s all coming too!

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