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I thought I’d go for an interesting experiment for my AtoZ challenge. The blog is back, and I’m adding content as I go, but there’s 26 things I can talk about the A to Z of my books.

Spoilers ahead

Obviously, the A to Z challenge will contain…mild…spoilers, so I’d like to warn you that it’s a possibility.

A few of the topics

A is for Amara (Snowblind)
A is also for Apocalypse
B is for Black Monday
C is for Challenges
D is for Darkness
E is for Elliot …
(and so on)…
It’s not going to be the complete *everything* of my books, but it’ll be a nice reboot for BooksbyKai and it will be amazing to talk to people about all of my writing stuff. Even if some of it is going to be difficult, but challenges are part of the fun, right?

If you want to join in, the address is 🙂
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  1. JazzFeathers

    Great to see another author on the challenge.
    We’re almost there!!!!

    The Old Shelter – Theme Reveal – The Great War

    • Kai

      Yup! I hope your first couple of days are great!


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