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(please note, this is one of those one day evolving documents, because it’s going to cross link with my newsletter, a new toy I’m playing with on Twitter, and here. if the links don’t quite work yet, I apologise – the important thing is the book links DO, even if the rest isn’t all linked up at the start. :))

So. It’s April. Already. I’ve still got a wierd relationship with time, I guess, after the year most of us may kinda wish never was, and felt like decades. But, as it was the last year with some of my family, and we’ve survived and some good came of it (which feels really wierd to say, but it’s true – my daughter came home from boarding school permanently, graduated college. My son came through his kidney woes not only just fine, but ‘textbook’ for the operation. We lost people too soon too, and continue to do so.

Lifting, lifting…

In the UK, lockdown is mostly lifted – non-essential shops have opened, and we’re a year on from our first lockdown plus a few weeks. The weather is nicer, and while I can’t say ‘all’s well in the world’, things are feeling a lot more bearable, knowing that I can go back to the library, that we could do what we did yesterday and grab essentials and continue organising. Books too, are starting to come together, and though I still *really* miss my gran, life has to go on.

Enjoy some books!

Before I get to my books and some release updates, I’m going to tell you guys about some really neat giveaways. All are through StoryOrigin (review coming, as they’ve come out of Beta, and if you upgrade before the 25th April (if you’re an author), there’s discounts in the offing. But for now, I thought I’d share these group projects and invite you to enjoy.

Free books with lots of inclusiveness
Sci-fi and Fantasy giveaway
An out of this world Giveaway
April Sci-fi and Fantasy Giveaway

Then, there’s my books

So, the original plan for this month was to set up and release a set of books for giveaway, and then to talk about the books coming next. So I’ll refer you back to the post talking about my books 😉 I’m running behind, but I’m still moving forward, which is important.

A lot of it is actually to do with redesigning my whole workflow, since I inherited, of all things, a case for my Galaxy Tab, and suddenly, I can actually choose to feel like I can’t make it downstairs to work, so, I can write here. In theory, it should be ….

In practice? Scrivener is where I write on every other device, so I’m having to alter my workflow to let me work on my Samsung (Android), and, all that really means is that I find an editor that plays nice with everything, doesn’t annoy Scrivener on both my Mac and PC, and lets me write. And there’s also the fact that I’ve got all of my books in two dropboxes, and I need to make sure there’s nothing that’s lost in the merge, which, over 500 Scrivener files is a headache. It’s all – really – procrastination, but important too.

I will write up exactly how I sort it all out because I think it’s important – and hey, being a bit of a platform hopping techie, if I can help others like me, then that’s great. For now though, I feel as harried as that gif looks.

Over to you guys

I do really want to start featuring reads – of my blog and my newsletter – so it’s over to you. My next newsletter is 1st May and you can apply by getting in touch on my form, and I do mini ones on Twitter between Friday and Sunday, so, if you’d like to talk to me about exchanging project mentions, please get in touch! I have a few rules about it, which is why my exchange page explains a few things. If those rules aren’t to your liking, we just don’t exchange. I can’t bend these rules – having done so in the past, I’ve found that people take it too far. And while I don’t like to think some of it is deliberate, sometimes it totally is, so thank the people that didn’t follow through last time if you’re not able to swap with me because there’s a boundary you don’t meet. The option is always there though, and I always make room to pay forward.


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