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August, and time moves on. I know that’s not the most shocking revelation or understanding ever, but every time I say it, it feels like I’m saying something more than a little different each time.

It has all very much been about moving on…

While this isn’t a complete list

I’ve spent the last three years wondering where my place in the world actually is. I mean I’ve always been a little bit worried and watchful that I’m doing my best with everything I do and know, but I think I’ve kinda lost my way lately.
That feeling that I’m stuck with though is that I need to change various things. We’re doing a major purge of the house, and we’re setting up office space for my partner, who now definitively works from home, and I’m setting up the dining room as a space that is flexible for myself and Artenapan – study, book writing AND our Cricut work. It’ll also be where we game, record stuff (Podcasts and vlogs).
Next week is all about *that*. And new sofas too, in the next few weeks. And then, probably a bed, because we’ve got that to deal with. Storage is important, so we’re planning *that* next week too.
It doesn’t change I’m still thinking about where and what I need to do.

The declutter though led to ‘the Backlist’…

One of the things that happened after I cleaned the garage out (cause there was water damage, a skip, and spiders the size of horses involved!), I ended up bed bound for two days (I don’t do well with extreme exertion. Whether it’s the fact that I’m still balancing off anaemia, or if it’s because I have sleeping issued, or Chronic fatigue, or just because I need time to recover after helping my partner and son mostly empty our garage, and mostly fill a 8 yard skip, I ended up discovering that I’ve got 31 books in my backlist that need moved to free giveaways, or reissued. Some of them are reversions of rights, some are old books that need updated, and some… well, some are because of other stuff, that isn’t really relevant.

How I’m doing that…

Still on the planning and support element of it. I’ve got a list of books, and I’ll sort out a release schedule around that and the other books I’ve got on, and I’ve got a SLEW of gorgeous covers to show off, but for now, I’m still very much in ‘I need an office’, ‘I really need to store stuff’. Once I get passed that, I’m probably going to be on ‘I need to do uni stuff’, ‘I need to write’ and and send out stuff.
I will, of course, be inviting anyone that’d like to be part of that process (so, if you’d like ARCs or review copies, that’ll be soon too) to join my street team. That’s actually getting it’s own site too! But, you’ve got to be part of that group if you’d like review copies, and it’s free to join, so please do head on over.

Over to you guys

I’m paying it forward this month with some really neat books.
Some are briefly on sale, some are reads I’m really enjoying, some are research. A few are friends of mine, which I’ll continue doing monthly.
All are well worth the viewing.

Finally, some recommendations

I’ve got some tool recommendations, and reviews I’ll be offering in the future. Some are free, some are affiliate linked (marked with *). If they’re marked with *, I’ll earn something or get points or similar from them. If I can, I donate to charity, or give away what I earn, but if I can’t, I offset it instead.

K-Lytics *- while many of my readers are, well, readers, some of you are authors, and I’ve found some really neat information in their reports. The latest one is sci-fi and fantasy*, and it’s absolutely amazing. Their research and analysis is really interesting, and there are always nuggets in there that are really crucial to a great head start with planning books, either written to market or improving your writing.

Evernote – Evernote is proving to be critical to my work, for more reason than one. It used to have a referral plan, it’s currently suspended, so I’m just recommending it 😉 I use this for organising study and storage.

Scrivener – Might have an affiliate scheme, can’t find it, highly recommended regardless. I’ll always complain I can’t use it on Dex (Android, specifically my Samsung tablet) but it’s a minor annoyance for what I do. Remember, Nanowrimo participants get vouchers for participating sometimes, so if you’re looking to take part and do those projects, there’s always that option.

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