A is for Acknowledgements

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As well as A for all my books, I’m doing an A for acknowledgements today 🙂

I use acknowledgements in my books tend to get to say thank you to the people that supported me through my books.  From my family and friends, to the community I’m involved with, to thank people that have worked on them with me, I say thank you in the most important place to me.

But…in all of them, there’s always:

Tempus – my soon to be husband, he’s amazing, and supports me with my writing.  He’s my best friend, soulmate and bad idea bear.
Titanboi – my darling son. He’s got a wicked sense of humour, and he and his sister are one of the best things that happened to me. He’s also really good at picking holes in my horror stories!
Artenapan – my darling daughter. She’s also got a wicked sense of humour, and is my photographer, partner in crime for a lot of my artistic ventures.  She designs the best journals.

My cats, Haley and Eiryss, and Kushka, who passed away – my pets are my world, and I love spending time with them. Office cats, both, Haley and Eiryss are pretty much also working cats. Cause, honestly, what’s better than than thinking about stuff while cuddling with cats?

My family and in-laws – Every single one of my family members, and in-laws have supported me in everything I do, and there’s a major part of everything of them in my books.

The writing community – I’ve been a writer all my life, and while I can’t name everyone I’ve been involved with (the list is HUMUNGOUS), working with writers and artists does so much for my confidence, and the fact that there’s a place I can go to get questions answered and answer for others (ala All together now)
Plus, NaNoWrimo, where I’ve been an ML for 20 years, has basically informed my writing life for the last two decades. The people that I look after and support in my region (with the help of my daughter, who is my co-ML and other MLs over the years) have made lots of amazing changes to my life.

The gaming community – Writing and gaming are pretty linked for me. I’ve got some amazing friends who are from various writing communities, from LudoSport and more. I love making up characters, and working through puzzles, which gives me downtime.

More recently, I’ve added friends and colleagues from LudoSport, which I’ll be writing about later in the month.

Acknowledgements are part of the fabric of books, and part of the fabric of my writing process,

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