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I thought, as my AtoZ this year was about all of my books, that I’d give an overview of them.
Firstly, I write in so many genres, but there’s a lot of stuff that links up between my books. In the last couple of years, I’ve even realised most of my major series’ are linked – Darkness, Black Monday, AMFAR, Garrett and a few other sets of them are all linked. Salvagers and Black Monday were already linked.
I’ve also got various other stories that I’m writing. DungeonBashers which is a sci-fi and lit-rpg swapping genres each book, and A house at… which is based on a few bits of actual play from a game several years ago. I also write non-fiction, which I’ll be talking about over the next month too – it’s mostly focussed on mental health and supporting writers to make everything easier for them, if I can. Hopefully by the end of the month, I’ll even have some giveaway books.

For now though, here’s the books that are out, or are coming soon.  It’ll update as I add more books, because it’s the ‘all books’ grid.

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