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When I started planning this A-Z, I was intending on talking about characters, and settings and other stuff (and I will) but I’ve also got some stuff in the mix about unreliable narrators, and I’ve already talked worldbuilding, so today, I’m going to share some thoughts on characters and characterisation.

Character 101

I’m very outspoken about how my books usually start out. Well, how Darkness and Glass Block started out and how most books have gone since. As I’ll talk about (again) in E for Elliot Peters, Elliot usually wakes me up at about 4am, as if he’s come off shift, and proceeds to fill me in on stories and stuff. Whether it’s a feature of my mental health, or if it’s something else, I’ve always found interacting with my characters is a lot more satisfying than just writing. But that’s just me.

Elliot’s been one of the most talkative characters, but he’s also led me to some other really cool characters, and given me some really interesting quandaries. Like the doxxies (they’re sort of clones) and Rickshaw Dollies (clones that aren’t autonomous or have become degraded), Morrigan, his friend and (spoiler), and of course, Harper, who leads to just about everything else that I’ve connected to Darkness as a place. I’ve got a lot of backlist work to do to get these ones out, but they’ll be back soon!

Other ways I got my characters

One of the other major places I got my characters is gaming. From being able to write stories from ‘actual play’ (though, in the case of DungeonBashers, it’s not actual play as much as ‘if I got to run the game, I’d play it this way’. The Endless Lake starts that one, and is out on the 13th. The characters in there though are played by the team on the Starfall’s Edge.

Characters in general though are…well…compelling. And I think that’s the point. I’ve got a few favorites, from a few books. And I’ve found the more books I read, the more nuance and information I’ve found to appreciate them.

Character driven stories vs plot driven – is there a preference?

Not for me. Do you have one?

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