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Today, I’m going to talk about the world that Elliot Peters, one of my main characters, lives in, the reason the city is called ‘Darkness’, and why it’s part of what is considered to be my debut novel.

A city of 20 years…nearly….

In November 2003, a newly single parent, I started running Nanowrimo (at the time, the whole of Scotland), and for my book that year, I wrote Glass Block. I’ve mentioned in prior posts (and on my blog about CPTSD). And in 2003, I started experiencing the whole ‘wake me up at 4am’ experience with Elliot, especially. But there’s less about the city itself, which is a place I often explore.

The city, the city

Darkness is a city of several districts, and Elliot works in District 1. It’s a pretty grim place, though to be honest – it’s the cyberpunk setting that is really not featured – much – in the first couple of books. There are flashbacks and time there, but the first book is set in a prison outside the city walls, and the second book, Paradise, is set in a compound outside the city. When in the city itself, we’re in precinct 1. So, it’s hard to point to the books to share what there is about Darkness.

Instead, I’ve got various pieces to share, mostly artwork.

That’s my banner from my very talented artist, Ian A Blakeman. There’s several interesting things to do with my books on the desk, but out that window? Darkness. Elliot’s favourite noodle bar in fact. Which, in the end, comes up in Book 3.

Glass Block is still being finished for re-release. I’ve got a proof copy to work on. 🙂
What would you like to know about the city? What do you see on my table that you’re curious about (or around me?)

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Today’s post is brought to you by the Darkness series. Many are on being prepared for re-release.

Book Cover: Glass Block
Glass Block
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