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I’ve been writing DungeonBashers, in one form or another since I was active on Wattpad. But, I’ve finally decided to experiment with them and release them. Book 2 is due out on the 13th, but, I wanted to talk a little about them, as they are kinda unusual.

Sci-fi and Fantasy

At its core, the books swap between sci-fi, where they’re trying to solve being trapped on the edge of a black hole, and getting their friends out of areas of the ships that they couldn’t reach, alternating with the game they play when they’ve got downtime, because they really have nothing else to do. They can’t access the videos or other storage on the ship, so…as they’d promised Con, who is at the core of the story, that he could play a game for his birthday, and though they’ve woken on the edge of the black hole, and therefore aren’t sure how much time has really passed, Hera, the captain, has agreed to continue with the promise.

Season one is currently eight books. Three stories are sci-fi, three are full fantasy, and two shift between the two, to keep continuity.

There is a little more to it, but we’ve spent the last year creating a world that lets me run a game I could never run for others and enjoy that, while still playing around with a sci-fi story. Although I have to admit, the sci-fi, though researched, probably isn’t perfectly accurate, and I think even there, that’s ok. It’s believable enough, though, if you’ve read the books and see a mistake, I’m always happy to hear from you!

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