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Elliot is one of the most important people in my personal universe. I’ve love my writing projects so much, but Elliot was the reason I took on volunteering for Nanowrimo and eventually, took over a lot of my writing ‘cycles’.
He’s gruff, and often wakes me at 4am, to tell me stories. As many stories as he’s got, though sometimes, I’ve gotta be honest, he’s a bit like hard work.

Original casting vs now, and the future

I spent the first 10 years imagining Elliot as Chris Melloni. Now he’s more like Misha Collins, though quite honestly, Misha smiles *far* too much.

In truth though, he’s neither. Elliot though, is pretty much the centre of most of my universes. About the only place he doesn’t appear, the only ‘universe’ built places I have (because I’ve got standalones, like the LA trilogy, and some romances that I’ve got in the works, and the major fantasy series I’m writing with Shula…and maybe, possibly DungeonBashers (though, I haven’t ruled out that DB is connected to Black Monday, which means in which case, DungeonBashers and Elliot are connected in it’s own roundabout way), and he’s often the person I wish I was writing. Not because he’s cute (I mean, he is, if I got either of them to play him), but because he’s one of the most compelling characters in my world.

Starts at Glass Block, finishes, 400 stories or so later…

Main storyline wise, I’m not kidding when I say there’s about 400 major story points. I’m not saying they’re all novels, I’m not saying they’re all gonna not end up rolled into one another, but I’ve got lots of ideas for his world. And some of them kinda, sorta popped up in Almost Human, but never mind 😉

Glass Block is 20 years old this year, and will be back really soon. If you’d like to find out about it (or win one of the first paperback copies), I’d love it if you commented and signed up for my newsletter.

Questions, thoughts? Let me know!

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