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One of the worlds I write in, and is tangentially linked, so far, to Darkness, and Elliot, is the Priestesses of Care, and the Houses.
FunHouse is one of the free stories I’m prepping for the launch of that part of the Universe, and Garrett (next post). And FunHouse itself is about talking to demons and angels and reapers, which also links up to ‘All my friends are Reapers’.

It’s coming soon, so I can’t tell much right now, but I can share the cover and blurb.

The tagline though?
“Something weird is going on near the temple, which is near the Watchhouse and Suki calls on Maehb, someone she’s known for many years.  The start of both the Garrett and All my Friends are Reapers series, set just before the world falls apart.”

This will be one of the giveaway books, so if you’d like to sign up to get a copy of the book, for free, please sign up for my newsletter.

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