G is for Garrett

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Garrett is a book series I talk about almost as much as I talk about Darkness, but it’s a completely…actually, it’s not. It’s not a completely different story, because it’s got a lot of overlaps with Darkness. There’s a lot of the same story themes and ideas in there, and that’s because a lot of the characters end up there. Mostly, I guess, Harper, though Elliot does end up, eventually, meeting Niamh, the Priestess of Care that ends up looking after Edinburgh House.

Edinburgh House, London House, US House, Australia House

There are four main houses right now. The world itself is designed around various bits and pieces. Edinburgh and London are the ‘seats’ of the houses themselves, which are designed to look after people that are travelling; actors, important people. The Houses themselves were established after … an incident.
The Houses are run by the Priestesses, but there’s something more to the structures of the houses that come out during the books. Again, there’s a season and a half so far of the novellas, but there’s a lot of little bits and pieces that I’ve enjoyed sneaking in.

Garrett is transgressive fiction, so it’s not for everyone, but it’s been fun to write so far.

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