H is for Hotel Oblivion

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In 2019,I wrote a story called Hotel Oblivion.  The basic concept was what would happen if a hotel had to be isolated, the place locked down, and a serial killer happened to be on the loose. I wrote it after an off-the-cuff comment by someone in the classes at a project my partner took me to called SteelCon. I spent the train journey home thinking about the story I wanted to write, and then, by Christmas, I’d written it.
Fast forward to the beginning of 2020. My son was in hospital after we discovered he had kidney issues. Sitting at his bedside, I started seeing much of the stuff I’d discussed in the book, almost. Brexit had happened, CV19 was sort of on the horizon, though we didn’t know it at the time (though, by the time the book was cancelled, we totally did), and there was the flooding in the UK, which happened to be the name of the project that I codenamed the lockdown itself.
It was all background for the story itself – a look at how to work out if there’s a serial killer locked in with you, in isolation, and how to deal with it.
I’ve rewritten the novel, though, so we’re now discussing isolation at a space station. I think it ups the stakes and makes it more reasonable about why there would be contact limitations. The story itself was pretty compelling to write, but I couldn’t work out when I would release it. Now that we’re passed all of the stuff that paused it, I’m kinda happy that I got to edit it, and I’ve got a plan for it, I hope. I’m just waiting for the cover, but I hope this release is on December 1st.

I can tell you, though, that the editor loved it; we’re tightening it up, it’s set in space, and there’s a pre-cursor-free story coming soon called ‘Out in the Black’, which is the cover for this post.
If you’d like to grab a copy of that book when we release it before the main book, sign up for my newsletter!
It also connects with Continuation Bias, last year’s Nanowrimo.

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