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I’m writing today’s entry with a heavy heart. And honestly, I was going to say ‘in a life of few regrets, this is one of them’, but honestly? ANYONE with anxiety can tell you that ‘few regrets’ isn’t something we can say with a straight face, so…instead I’m going to say ‘unlike all of the normal stuff I fret about and regret, this was is one of those huge things’. I absolutely do understand why we feel this way, but…I want to be clear on this one. I have ‘regrets’. And this is beyond that.

My adopted sister died in 2018, and in all of the time that we’d known one another, she was the romance writer, I was ‘this is not my thing’. ‘I will wait‘, though, is a romance story. And my biggest regret is my adopted sister isn’t here to see it.
She always said, given what my life was when she knew me, would make such good fodder for romance, and she was right.

So… this post is a bit bittersweet, talking about the whole LA trilogy. Because all I can think about is my sister. And how right she was about me and romance.

Why it’s weird

I’m not a ‘romantic’ person. Or at least I used to think I wasn’t. I spent a lot of my teen years wondering if I’d ever meet anyone nice, after a really rough start to my life, interpersonally at least. I didn’t date till I was an older teen. I didn’t find my way until after I left the father of my children, and met my current partner. And my relationship with him is pretty much…well, it’s not exactly fairytale, but it’s about as close you’ll probably get. I’m very *very* lucky – Tempus and I are fairly well matched, I guess, but the whole idea of ‘falling in love’ and ‘being in love’ were hard ideas to me, which is why romance wasn’t something I could write for the longest time. And I’m still working through that I guess. But life, really, is about learning and growing and I wanted to share some of the…happiness that I found.

I Will Wait… the LA trilogy

The LA trilogy, starting with ‘I will wait‘, and finishes with ‘If I was’, is about a young girl called Bitzie, who goes to LA on holiday, to get her head on straight after some really horrible things happen to her, and falls in with various ‘famous’ people. It’s loosely based on a choice I nearly made myself in my late teens – I was going to go to LA at 19, before I was starting Uni, and starting my ‘new life’. I didn’t, and it led me to here (and I have a GOOD life, of course), but this story started from the idea of ‘what if…’. What if I went to LA, what if I met…what if…

It is however complete fiction. It’s hopefully a feel good romance, and I’m really hoping that people will enjoy it.

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