K is for Kill Kits, Killers

Something a little different for today’s post, and then again, not.
My first fictional book dealt with a serial killing cult leader, locked up in a glass walled jail for reality TV. (Yeah, that’s the quick pitch for Glass Block, more or less).
I also write and run – well, have just founded really – a true crime publishing press, at Crimebinger.com, where myself and two friends will be writing books about serial killers and true crime. They’ll all be available on Kindle Unlimited, but it lets me keep up with my true crime interests.

Kill Kit Killers

While I’ve written about 10 serial killers, my friends Minerva and Quinn are both writing focussed books. As sisters, they’ve shared a love for true crime too, and I’m delighted to be able to give them a venue to publish.
So how about you…do you like true crime?


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