L is for ‘look at that…’

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For a writer, I can be pretty dense sometimes.
Do not ask how I went from K to M in my head, I just did. TOMORROW is M for Maximum Effort, which is my newsletter.
(If you wanna see me get it RIGHT, and find out about one of my most favorite things in the whole world, please hit up L for Ludosport at Kaiberie.com (hence today’s featured image…), and you’ll maybe see why I was a little distracted (my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

I was actually going to use today to talk about my favorite journal type, and introduce one of my new non-fiction books, but honestly? Kinda feel like I should just own up to skipping L in my head, and letting everyone have a laugh.

Laughter and humour

Kinda leads neatly to this, I guess. I’m not a very…funny person in real life. I sometimes come out with something really funy, but I’m often too far in my own head to manage it. Most of my characters though have a wicked sense of humour and are quite…sarcastic? Dry?

Elliot especially is just catty and sarcastic in ways that I often don’t expect until I write whatever he’s up to. And it’s at that point I once again maintain that I’m not actually creating these characters, as it says on my Facebook bio, I unearth stories and put them on permanent display. I can’t work out where he gets his sense of humour from. I do sort of understand where Chancey gets it (she’s my Hellhound mistress (eventually) and very sarcastic mage, from Cry Havoc), but honestly? I don’t know where most of it comes from. I don’t question it either. There’s no point 🙂

So…laugh at me, for I got the letter wrong. And that gets you an extra entry in tomorrow’s giveaway ;). If you’re reading along, you’ll be able to answer ‘which letter did I accidentally skip in the lead out from the last post’. The answer is, today’s, L 😉

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    • D Kai Wilson-Viola

      Definitely! I think it was because my L on my other blog is so important to me – I was more focussed on writing about LudoSport, that I just completely blipped a letter here 😉


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